Bushwhacking Time Again!

 It's Bushwhacking on the Russell Fork time again.  From May 25-27, civil war re-enactors and enthusiasts will gather to camp, eat, politic, boast, and yes, skirmish a bit.

Skirmishes will take place both Saturday and Sunday, May 26-27.  Battles start around 2pm at Polley Island in downtown Elkhorn City.

Come on out and enjoy this 6th annual festival, the fastest growing re-enactment event in Kentucky!

Memorial Day Weekend brings Bushwhacking on the Russell Fork

Our fifth annual Bushwhacking on the Russell Fork celebrates the 150th anniversary of the start of the Civil War. The encampment opens Friday morning for tours and an opportunity to speak with reenactors and historical figures. A full slate of events through the weekend include the opening parade, demonstrations, tea and dance, and two battles.

Volunteer for Bushwhacking 2010!

The annual Bushwhacking on the Russell Fork is just around the corner, May 28-30. Join us for one of the fastest growing civil war reenactment events in the United States. The camps will be open for student tours and visitors on Friday.  The opening parade and event dedication is Saturday morning at 9:00. Skirmishes will commence at 2pm both Saturday and Sunday.  It's not too late to register if are a reenactor.

May is a great time in Elkhorn City!

May is a great time to visit Elkhorn City!  Festivals, a great musical, whitewater and beautiful weather.
Catch the musical Godspell at the Artists Collaborative Theatre through May 24th. Once you've been to a show at ACT, you won't want to miss another!

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