Hiking/Mountain Biking

Elkhorn City is the northernmost trailhead for the Pine Mountain Trail and the Gateway to the Breaks Interstate Park. From the walking track and the Blue Line Trail in-town to the hiking and biking trails up Carson Island and into Potter Flats, Elkhorn City is a hiker or mountain biker's paradise.
A labyrinth of trails weaves from Elkhorn City into the Breaks Park and down the Pine Mountain. You could hike for days and never get further than 5 miles from downtown. The Heritage Council has partnered with the American Hiking Society, the International Mountain Biking Association, the National Park Service build new trails and improve existing ones in support of the Breaks Park and Pine Mountain Trail State Park.
The top section of the Breaks Interstate Park has a great network of high end mountain bike only trails.
Road bike riders might recognize Elkhorn City as a location on the TransAmerica Bike Route.