Yes, People Really DO Visit this Site!

We received this note from Sheila Adams and it really made our day. Thanks to Sheila for allowing us to share with all of you!

Hello, My Mother was from Elkhorn City, Ky. Her name is Alma Adams Robertson McGuffey.

She was one of 5 girls born to William (Bill) Adams and Manerva Thompson. She is now 87 years old and today I was showing her this webpage when she got so excited she had tears in her eyes. She remembers most of the names that were mentioned in the article 'a stroll through town'. She also said one of her best friends when she was growing up was Jeanette Elswick. She started telling me all kinds of memories and I wrote them down as quickly as I could. At times her memory is unbelievable to me! She said she lived on the other side of the bridge until her Mother and Father divorced then she moved on down the road with an older Sister and her husband. She even had a "little girl giggle" when she talked about a boy she had a big crush on named Clayton Potter but her Daddy wouldn't let her date him because he was older than her. Her cousin, Burgess Slone was in a picture with some friends that was taken in 1923, the year she was born. She said, ohh and there is my sweet Science teacher, Clyde Mullins, he used to dance with me at the drug store on weekend nights. And that is where I met your Daddy! (Floyd Robertson). I just wanted to thank you for making her day! She is coming back soon to read more about Elkhorn. Thank you so much. Sheila Robertson Adams

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