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Whitewater Clinics Coming in May

Interested in learning whitewater basics or just want to pick up some new skills? The two largest whitewater clubs in the state--The Bluegrass Wildwater Association and the Viking Canoe Club--will hold a joint beginner clinic May 13-15 at the Russell Fork in Elkhorn City.  The clinic is a great opportunity to learn beginner/intermediate whitewater skills, meet fellow boaters from around the state, and paddle the lower Russell Fork from Ratliff Hole to Elkhorn City.

Join Us for River Clean-Up in Elkhorn City

In conjunction with ORSANCO's Annual River Sweep of the Ohio River we will
be having a clean-up to help stop solid waste from even making it to the
Ohio! Big Sandy Watershed Watch, Big Sandy River Basin Coalition, and
Elkhorn City Heritage Council are working together to have a great day.

Come join us by meeting by 10 AM at the Elkhorn City City Hall on

Russell Fork Whitewater and Playpark Initiative Moving

The study is in! Check the pdf version (16Mb) here.
The project kicked off in September, 2008, with promotion and marketing of the 2008 Russell Fork whitewater season and local events at the Gauley Festival, the world's largest whitewater event in Summersville, WV.

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