The Artists Collaborative Theatre

The American Festival Project of Appalshop

Bailey Vault Company, inc.

The City of Elkhorn and Mayor Hank Salyer

The Creative Capital Foundation

The Elkhorn City Area Heritage Council

The Elkhorn City Women's Council

The Kentucky Women's Foundation

The local residents

Otis College of Art and Design

U.S. Bank

Tim Belcher's Law Office

And various local residents


Suzanne Lacy

Susan Steinman

Yutaka Kobayashi


Nina Aragon

Denver and Bonnie Bailey

Roxanne Blankenship

Tim Belcher

Charles Cantrell

Gypsy Cantrell

Kathy Cantrell

Debbie Coleman

Susan Coleman

Tom Hansell

Phyllis Hunt

Carl Johnson

Conrad Jones

Elmer Keesee

Patricia Keesee

Councilman Frank Marinera

Nick Marinera

Willa May

Charles Meynard

Jaime Muller

Fay Etta Perglem

Debbie and Barry Potter

Rodney Potter

Bill Ramey

Cheryl Ramey

Hope Ramey

Brad Ratliff

Vicky Reid

Stephanie Richards

Danny Rose

Jesse Rowe

Rodney Ruth

Steve Ruth

Vicky Salyer

Larry Simpson

Wes Spearman

Jim Stapleton

Johnnie and Kathy Stewart

Peggy and Tommy Sykes

Terry Taylor

Terry and Teri Thompson

Richie Neal Word

Jeff Wright

And countless others

Special thanks:

Father Al Fritsch

Ivory Hamilton

Greg Howard

Judi Jennings