College of Art + Design

Beneath Land and Water and the City of Elkhorn has benefited greatly from the participation of four groups of college art students during the past three years.   Prominent among participating colleges, Otis College of Art and Design has piloted two week-long Spring Break trips and a summer ten-day intensive where students from various disciplines--fine art, architecture, communication arts, toy design, fashion design, and digital art--come together to learn about the Appalachian community, make new friends, and share their expertise in painting, signage, design, and hard work!

In addition to annual student service-learning trips, faculty have donated their time to this small community over half a continent away from its Los Angeles campus.   Barbara Maloutas, assistant chair of Communication Arts, contributed extensive pro bono design work to produce a unique and updated tourist brochure.   Folklorist Dr. Carol Branch will complete an oral history investigation featuring many participants in the Beneath Land and Water project.  

One of the important contributions of these students has been to the growing experience of cultural exchange in Elkhorn, as many of them come from countries outside of the United States.